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15 August 2007

editor & sketch artist
Diek Grobler

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Recent Projects

Filmverse I & II

Under the creative direction of Diek Grobler fopspeen was part of the production team for Filmverse I & II funded and produced by the ATKV (Afrikaans Taal & Kuns Vereeniging) with Nita Cronjé.

The project invited 12 animation teams to respond to an Afrikaans poem taught in local schools and universities. Combining the talents of visual artists, animators, actors, musicians and poets this project is a showcase of creative individuals working in South Africa today.

top  May 31, 2018

Net Een Slukkie Padda

Piet Grobler is a well-known children's book author. Together with his animation brother Diek Grobler and Fopspeen Moving Pictures the animation film 'Please frog, just one sip!' is currently on the international film festival circuit.


top  May 31, 2018


A music video for South African rock legend Karen Zoid.

top  May 31, 2018

Festival artist at the Inniebos Arts Festival

Diek is the Festival artist at the Inniebos Arts Festival in Mmapumalanga in July 2012.  The theme of the festival is "die kat kom weer", and Fopspeen will be animating a painting by Mr. Grobler to be used as an ad for the festival.

die kat kom weer animasie

top  March 7, 2012

Voske en die Gentse Gravinnetjie

Diek Grobler spent 90 days in Ghent, Belgium, and played around with some old fashioned drawing-by-drawing animation techniques. The result is a continuing project about a little fox who wants to get ahead in the world.

top   March 7, 2012

Uitstalling 29 Julie tot 17 Augustus 2011, Pretoria.


Animasie, digitale drukke, beeldhou, musiekvideo's, tekeninge, musiek. Opening deur Cherylene de Jager, 29 Julie 2011, 18h30 vir 19h00. Tot 17 Augustus, Pretoria Kunsvereniging, Mackiestraat 173. Versnaperinge geborg deur Vrouekeur en Chehan Ideaneers.

KYKNET TV Series: Uit die Bloute

Uit die Bloute

Fopspeen’s first animated television series (the first to be broadcast, that is). And in Afrikaans nogal. Jakobus Johannes van Alleman (aka Seun) is a twelve-year old middle class Afrikaans boy who has dreams of one day becoming a documentary film maker, like Michael Moore.  For his twelfth birthday he receives a video camera from his ouma, Ouma Martie Pansegrou. His mother thinks he is being spoilt, Ouma Martie thinks investing in a child's future is a necessity.

Uit die Bloute” is Seun’s first attempt at documentary filmmaking. He is making a film about the Afrikaner, hoping that it will be sent into space, or buried in a time capsule, or something – so that in 100 year's time, people of the future, or the aliens from Alfa Centauri, will know who and what the Afrikaners were.

The series is broadcast on KYKNET as three minute animation channel branding episodes.

See video clips...

You can follow Seun's blog, the lead character, at seun-van-alleman.blogspot.com

seun van alleman blog

top  June 26, 2010

Music Video:  “Die Padda wou gaan opsit”

Afrikaans music veteran, Gert van Tonder is re-recording some of his hits from the seventies with current Afrikaans bands.  In “Die Padda wou gaan opsit” he teams up with Afrikaans rapper “Snotkop” to funkify this classic Afrikaans children’s song. And Fopspeen is making some moving pictures for it.



You Tube you tube, padda sing...

top  JUNE 26, 2010

Fopspeen Animation Playgroup
A private club of people who love the art of animation meet once a month to screen animated films of artistic value, which are not generally available in cinemas or on television. Screening programmes are compiled according to specific themes, varying from overviews of the oeuvres of specific animators (e.g. Jan Svankmajer, Norman Maclaren, etc) to animated films from specific countries, to overviews of specific technical approaches to the art form. All screenings are accompanied by an introduction and a short discussion of the films on show, by Diek Grobler. If you are interested in attending a screening, or even joining the playgroup, please contact me via our facebook Fopspeen Animation Playgroup

Fopspeen Moving Pictures wins a Big Brass Bell in the Ukraine
Fopspeen Moving Pictures is a small animation studio that packs a punch: Animators Diek Grobler and Charles Badenhorst just returned from the Ukraine, where their short film “Little Bird ABC” received the award for the Best Animation for Children at the prestigious KROK International Animation Festival. Read more...


SAFTA Special Mention Award
Animation in Short film for "Agenda"
SAFTA – The South African Film and Television Awards recognise achievements in the local film and television industry. The event took place Saturday 7 February 2009 at the State Theatre, Pretoria, South Africa.

Little Bang
AGENDA (detail)

South African Artists Take Animation to a New Level
Online article by Fransi Phillips
Jan 10, 2010
With animation films made from junk, artists Marinda Du Toit, Diek Grobler and Charles Badenhorst reverse the rules of consumerism.Links for clips discussed: Little Bang and Agenda. Read more...


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