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Voske en die Gentse Gravinnetjie

Diek Grobler spent 90 days in Ghent, Belgium, and played around with some old fashioned drawing-by-drawing animation techniques. The result is a continuing project about a little fox who wants to get ahead in the world.

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top  March 7, 2012

Mythical Beast

A video for an exhibition to raise awareness of the rhino’s plight.

mythical beast
top  December 6, 2010

Little Bird's ABC

Fopspeen Moving Pictures collaborated with Internationally published and awarded illustrator Piet Grobler on “Little Bird's ABC”.  Based on the book "Little bird’s ABC" (Het vogeltjes ABC) by Piet Grobler.

Little Bird's ABC
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"B" 2008

A B film on being.

B Film
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Agenda 2007

Agenda is an everyday tale about a tea-girl: she serves tea to VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, at a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING.

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February 2009 : SAFTA special mention award,


Asturias 2007

‘Asturias’ is part of a personal project by Diek Grobler, in which he makes animated films to classical music as performed by pianist Wessel van Wyk.

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Bees Wedding 2007

‘Bees’ Wedding’ is part of a personal project by Diek Grobler, in which he makes animated films to classical music as performed by pianist Wessel van Wyk.

bees wedding
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Little Bang 2006

Inspired by the sculptures of Marinda du Toit, the film tells a creation myth of the origins of the rubble in garden sheds, and what can evolve from it.

Little Bang
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Sanna’s Garden 2003

An educational series for children on the conservation of the succulent Karoo.

Sanna's Garden
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Evolution for Beginners 2003

Humboldt always finds himself in an uncomfortable situation.  He tries to get out of it by evolving. It always backfires on him.
A series poking fun at evolution, but with serious environmental subtext.

Evolution for Beginners
evolution for beginners : play clip    >
Humboldt, Love Hurts


Le Voyage 2002

Or Herr Durer’s dog is barking up the wrong tree again. This film explores the medium of collage/cut and paste animation.

Le Voyage
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Idea 2001

Idea tells the tale of a melancholy man, trapped in a tower, who frees his mind by sending his ideas out into the world on the wings of a paper jet.

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Bou 'n Boot 2004

Bou 'n Boot was made for an art exhibition by Diek Grobler at the Tina Skukan Gallery, Pretoria in 1995.

Bou 'n Boot
BOU 'N BOOT : play clip  >



The City
untitled : play clip  >




The fine line between storytelling and visual art: Films by Diek Grobler
Apart from the company’s short films and commercial work, Diek Grobler creates films which are closely related to his fine art practice: films which are non-narrative, or in which the narrative is disjointed or non-linear. Read more...


Stop Motion Animation on a shoestring
Stop Motion Animation is a generic term for the cinematic process by which objects or poseable puppets are brought to life on screen. Read more...

Animating almost life-size puppets
As if animating junk sculptures for one movie did not pose enough of a challenge, we decided to do it again, the following year. Read more...

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