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Fopspeen Moving Pictures wins a Big Brass Bell in the Ukraine 2009

Fopspeen Moving Pictures is a small animation studio that packs a punch: Animators Diek Grobler and Charles Badenhorst just returned from the Ukraine, where their short film “Little Bird ABC” received the award for the Best Animation for Children at the prestigious KROK International Animation Festival.

Little Bird's ABC
little bird's abc : play clip  >

Based on the ideas and illustrations from a book by renowned South African children’s book creator, Piet Grobler, the film teaches the ABC by the sounds little birds make, in a fun and playfully wicked way.




Agenda is an everyday tale about a tea-girl: she serves tea to VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, at a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING. But the meeting is, as such meetings usually are, very dull. The only excitement the COMMITTEE MEMBERS can hope for, is the arrival of the tea girl. The film was made by animating almost life-size sculptures by Marinda du Toit, made from recycled junk.

“Agenda” was shortlisted for ‘Best African Short Film’ at the African in Motion film festival, Edinburgh, UK. Agenda has been on the official selection of the following film festivals:

  • Zlin International Film festival for Children and youth, 2008; Zlin Czech republic
  • Animafest Zagreb 2008
  • Durban International Film Festival; Durban, South Africa
  • Out the Box festival of puppetry and visual theatre; Cape Town, South Africa
  • Apolo Film Festival, Barclay-west, South Africa
  • Africa in Motion Short Film Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Tehran 25th International Short Film Festival 2008
  • Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden 2009
  • SAFTA, South Africa 2009

AGENDA  : Play Clip   >

SAFTA Special Mention Award

SAFTA – The South African Film and Television Awards recognise achievements in the local film and television industry. The event took place Saturday 7 February 2009 at the State Theatre, Pretoria, South Africa.



Little Bang 2006

Little Bang premiered on 3 September 2006 at Platform on 18th, Pretoria, South Africa, as part of an exhibition of the same title. It was exhibited at the University of Johannesburg Art Gallery in February 2007 as part of The Moving Art Image Exhibition.

Little Bang has been selected as part of the following international film festivals:

In Competition. Tirana 2006, Albania.
Tampere 2007. Finland.
Bimini 2007. Riga, Latvia.
Syracuse 2007. Syracuse NY, USA.
Panorama. Trickfilm, Dusseldorf, Germany.
Titanic Film Festival 2007. Budapest, Hungary.
Durban, 2007, South Africa.
Athens Video Art 2007, Greece.
Afia 2007, Aarhus, Denmark
Ohne Kohle 2007, Vienna, Austria
AVANCA 2007, Portugal
UPC-AXN Rövidfilm Fesztivál, Hungary.
BUSHO Budapest Short film festival 2007
Auburn International Film Festival for Children and
Young Adults 2007, Australia.
Geneva Summer Arts Festival 2007, New York State, USA.
Multivision Animation Festival 2007, St Petersburg, Russia.
Istanbul International Short Film Festival 2007

Little Bang was nominated for a South African Film and Television Award for Best Short Film 2007.

Distributor: Ouat Media.

Little Bang
little bang : play clip  >


Pretoria animator visits Wallace & Gromit

Charles Badenhorst, animation artist from Pretoria is on his way to Bristol in the UK to go and meet animated oscar winners Wallace and Gromit. Badenhorst and his partner, Diek Grobler, have been working for the past two years on an animated series 'Sanna's Garden, which has already competed in several international animation festivals.



Pretoria animator to go sailing in the Ukraine

Charles Badenhorst, musician and animator, and one half of animation duo Fopspeen Moving Pictures, will be sailing down the Dnieper River in the Ukraine for the next two weeks. Badenhorst will be representing Fopspeen Moving Pictures at the KROK International Animation Festival, which is held in The Ukraine and Russia.




Monthly Animation Evenings
Monthly animation screenings and discussions at Flat 4, Clarenden Court, Arcadia, Pretoria. Proceedings are orchestrated by Diek, who compiles a program around a specific theme or technique, and leads the discussion. Read more...


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